COVID-19 (Company Update)

What’s happening at AUO.

During this troubling time, we will be operating with a reduced service.

Our 24-hour support team will only be contactable by support ticket, telephone support has been suspended due to our support centre operating on skeleton staff.

All team members who can work from home (design team, technical operations, sales and accounts) are doing so with immediate effect, certain non-home workers have been furloughed with full pay.

How will this affect our service?

Our non-furloughed teams are operating at 100% workload, all home workers are completing extended days working full 12-hour shifts opposed to their usual 8-hour shifts.

Even with the extended days, our teams are still struggling to meet demands when it comes to design and OSS projects and we have added delays to expected completion dates on all of our other services to reflect the pressure that we are currently facing.

Due to the current “lockdown” situation, we will only be carrying out ‘essential engineer repairs’ when it comes to Home & Commercial Automation and Security. Please contact our support team here to find out what is deemed ‘essential’.

We appreciate your patience during these uncertain times and hope for the best for everyone.

Thank you for using AUO.

Message from our management team:

We request that all customers with estimated project completions set out initially for April 23rd 2020 to May 14th 2020, to please stop panicking we are working hard and around the clock to ensure that the initial deadlines are still met. The extended ETCs are mainly for projects with ETCs within the next 7- 10 days, if your project timeline has not been changed/adjusted to reflect delays then you do not need to worry we are still on track!

Thank you again for your patience and understanding during this pandemic.

Please Note: We will update this page with any further information.

Last updated: 31st March 2020

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