December Hosting Update


Sitemap Generator

You can now generate sitemaps from the Hosting Control Panel.

Our new tool will crawl all accessible pages on your site (obeying robots.txt rules).

You can then upload the resulting XML sitemap to your site, all in one click. You can then submit the sitemap to search engines.

You can try it out by selecting your hosting package and selecting Sitemap Generator.

WordPress Staging Upgrades

Formerly the ‘Reinstall WordPress’ tool would only install a new version of WordPress on the live site. Now this can be done a staging site, too – useful if you want to start over.

Unlimited Auto-Scaling

It also means performance improvements between PHP versions are even more visible, so anyone running older versions of PHP should aim at upgrading to get better performance.

Unlike most other shared web hosting, AUOCloud web hosting doesn’t have LVE limits. These limits put artificial constraints on resources, like cores, memory, bandwidth and processes. With AUOCloud, you get full access to as much resource that your site needs.

Now we’ve also added PHP-FPM it will mean your site will run even faster, no matter how busy it gets.

DKIM DNS Provisioning

You can now add DKIM records to bluMail email services.

DomainKeys Identified Mail is a way to digitally-sign emails, helping to prove that a sender is genuine. It also improves email deliverability. It’s a way of protecting you (and your contacts) against spoofing, phishing or impersonation.

It uses strong encryption to create unique public and private keys that ‘sign’ the email. When recipients receive your emails, their spam filters will check to see if your signature is genuine using the DNS, which will have a copy of your public key.

There’s a DKIM setup tool in ‘Manage Hosting’ in your client area control panel. It also includes advanced features which are very rarely found elsewhere – but we’d recommend that you only experiment with that if you know what you’re doing! The standard basic setup will cover 99% of use cases.

New Domain TLDs

We’ve made some new top-level domains available: .fi,

New One-Click

We’ve added Dolibarr to our one-click installers. It’s an enterprise resource/customer relationship management software package. It brings our total of one-click install open source applications to 77.

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