Site Renovation Update – Dec 2019


Why are we renovating our site?

We used to have multiple sites,,,, and finally It was confusing for our existing customers for example, for them to login to pay bills they would have to visit when they originally came from Our intentions are to simplify all of our existing systems and bring them to one place, a unified site for all of our operations.

What new features will our site bring?

Our HelpDesk, Client Area, Re-Route and Status Tools are all under one roof as are the Online Stores for HomeAUO, MarineAUO and AUOComms. This way no matter what you’re purchasing your invoices will be in one place, your service management tools and control panels all appear in the same site and you can log a support ticket by clicking the red support link in the top bar. At present Single Sign On is not fully implemented however it is on the roadmap and will be coming soon.

Where are we at with the renovation?

It’s 14th December 2019 and our new site is about half way through the re-design, we have to test everything thoroughly and run all aspects of the re-design past multiple employees and then implement any suggestions to give you the best experience.

Should you have any feedback then please do not hesitate to contact us using this form.

We will post our Christmas sales and support hours on Monday 23rd December so keep your eyes peeled for them.


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