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99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Our Cloud Platform is fully redundant with no single point of failure, all our servers use Samsung SSD's in Hardware RAID 10 for the highest level of availability.

Safe and Secured

1 Tbps+ DDoS Mitigation, FIX HERE

Our Dedicated Support

Our UK Based Support Centre handle your support requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We're only a message away when you need us most.


Samsung SSD Storage

We only use enterprise-level Samsung SSDs to give you the best speed, capacity and endurance. These are configured as local storage in our virtual private servers, meaning that they’re optimised for high performance.


Rapid Provisioning

Our super-fast automatic provisioning system will have a Linux VPS online in less than 90 seconds and a Windows VPS in under 5 minutes. If you ever need to upgrade, our control panel makes it effortless.


Latest Technology

All virtual machines are powered by 2.2 GHz Intel Xeon Cascade Lake 12-core processors, with access to DDR4 2666 MHz ECC-registered RAM. Combining your VMs with enterprise-class SSDs gives you maximum CPU power to serve demanding modern apps.

Unmanaged VPS UK Cloud

VPS Pricing Configurator

A unmanaged VPS gives you the most freedom, but you need to be familiar with the command line. You will be responsible for all maintenance and updates. You can install a wide range of software or OS because you have root access to the server. That might include software for managing web hosting, but you’re free to install anything else. For example, you can use it for app development, voice communications or gaming.

Use the slider or tap/click the RAM amount below.

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Managed VPS UK Cloud

VPS Pricing Configurator

If you’re only interested in using the dedicated resources of a virtual private server for web hosting and email, a Managed VPS is best for you. It’s managed through the AUO control panel, so it has all the advantages of our cloud web hosting. This includes full support from the AUO Team, a global CDN, all of our security features, backups and more. All core software updates and patches will be carried out by AUO experts.

Service Launching July 2020


Powerful and UK Based VPS

Windows & Linux support

Freedom to deploy CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and Windows guests – and more – all in one click. See our vps software on the configurator page for more details on the packages open to you.

Out-of-band console

Wrong network settings or firewalled yourself? No problem, with our out-of-band VNC access you can access your VPS just like plugging a monitor into a physical server.

Upgrade with ease

Scale your VPS as you grow, with upgrades in minutes. You can scale up in a few clicks using our intuitive control panel.

Full root access

You’re in control! You get full root access to your virtual private server, putting you in complete control. We don’t hold your hand: all our VPS are unmanaged.

1 Tbps+ Anti-DDoS

Distributed denial of service attacks are only getting more common, so we include our powerful 1 terabit per second anti-DDoS protection for no extra charge.

No contracts, no commitment

We know that once you’ve tried our high performance VPS you won’t go elsewhere! So we make that easy: we don’t lock you in and you can cancel at any time.